Visit the Luxury Beaches in Montenegro

Montenegro is a seaside lover’s fantasy come true. Luxury beaches in Montenegro, as well as hotels on them, have embraced tourism growth, however, you will not encounter fewer people and reduced prices than in neighboring Croatia.

For years, adventurous travelers, the jet-set elite, celebrities, and seaside lovers have been drawn to small Montenegro. Although Montenegro’s coastline is beautiful, the country also has a rocky, hilly core, delicious cuisine, and stunning ports.

Why Visit Luxury Beaches in Montenegro

Enjoy Privacy on the beach

Fortunately, there are several isolated stretches of sand to be discovered all around Montenegro, locations to which you can stay at an elite luxury resort. Whereas these beaches in Montenegro may never be convenient to get to — and it could just be worth fantasizing about for the time being — the prize is a serene and clean beach vacation away from the people.

Enjoy special events and parties

Beaches are ideal for partying since you can always unwind and recharge or walk and explore the entire area. If you’re beginning to feel homesick since you’re cooped up inside because of the weather, thoughts of the sunlight, the beach, and the ocean can get you in a good mood. Some places, like the pool in Porto Montenegro or beaches in Porto Novi, organize special parties and thematic events, such as wine tasting, techno parties with famous world DJs, jazz nights, yacht events, etc.

Try sailing in Montenegro

Although practicing to sail or checking up on your sailing expertise could be the whole purpose of a trip, it is frequently only a small portion of your holiday time and cash. The sailing lessons on some luxury beaches in Montenegro or ports could be exciting and thrilling for travelers who want to have a great experience. Sailing is an unparalleled experience and a very funny activity.

Discover seaside with yachts & catamarans


The ultimate trip doesn’t exist… however, it does. Sunlight, sand, boat, cuisine, scuba diving, family, and friends are the elements that can make your trip a perfect vacation.  All of this can be enjoyed by chartering a yacht, catamaran, or traveling on your sailboat.

A spa, bathroom, treadmill, entertainment, and beautiful, large bedrooms will ensure that you and your guests are relaxed and happy. Adventures, on the other hand, provide a lively touch to a calm trip.

When is the best time to visit Montenegro?

The late spring and early fall is the greatest period to visit the most popular beaches of Montenegro. Because it is less crowded, May through June is ideal for seaside vacations and beach lovers, to relax and enjoy. During July and August beaches, and the seaside is usually very crowded. So, if you like more privacy in popular places, this is the time of the year in Montenegro to avoid for you.

Early fall is indeed a wonderful time to bathe along the coastline because the temperature is mild through October, however, beware of occasional rains. Early fall is indeed the time for a variety of fruits such as figs and pomegranates, so you can taste it all long seaside in Montenegro. Sometimes, temperatures are so high people occasionally swim until the middle of November.

Driving in Montenegro

Driving around Montenegro is a pleasant experience and adventure. It is a fantastic way to visit some of the most popular and luxury beaches in Montenegro. However, if you’re considering a road vacation in Montenegro, you should be completely ready. If you are not with your car, a car rental is the best way to enjoy a vacation at your pace.

Car rental in Montenegro is still simple and inexpensive, comparing to other European countries. All you need is a passport, have a national driver’s license, and being at least 21 years of age (note, some agencies do not have an age limit in their policies). Here you can find more information on how to rent a car in Montenegro.

The Most Popular Luxury Beaches in Montenegro

In the list below we are recommending the most popular and luxury beaches to visit.

Dobrec beach

This peaceful and peaceful beach on the Lustica peninsula is still only accessible by boat. The hidden cove provides guests their slice of serene beachside luxury, and it is far less well-known than many of the other places on this list. Dobrec beach is well known for its crystal blue sea. There are comfortable hammocks available for use throughout the day, but the area is untouched; there is only one tiny beachside restaurant, which offers great locally caught seafood and is the ideal spot to sample traditional Montenegrin cuisine! This beach has a desert island vibe about it, so come here if you want to avoid the throng!

The Chedi Beach

The quiet Chedi Beach is ideal for resting, relaxing, and sunbathing in the Mediterranean sun. As if the surroundings weren’t already idyllic, the hotel’s lone beach, rate with 5 stars, provides butler beach services. You may also enjoy beverages, light food, and stunning sunsets at the Rok Beach Bar.

Queen’s Beach in Milocer

Queen’s Beach, a well non as Kraljicina plaza, is a very gorgeous but little beach. It is located in the center of Milocer park, away from the other beaches; you may get there by walking through the park from Milocer beach or by trekking through the forest from Przno village and its parking.

The beach has a length of around 200 meters and is covered with golden sand, with tiny stones in certain sections. The water’s edge is gently sloping. Multi-colored stones may be seen at the bottom of the pool due to the perfectly clean and translucent water. The bay’s water is tranquil. All Montenegrins and many visitors are familiar with Kraljicina plaza, although it is nearly always desolate due to its inaccessibility and prohibitively expensive cost of amusement.

Sveti Stefan Beach

Sveti Stefan is a unique and gorgeous peninsula extending into the Adriatic Sea, and it is possibly one of Montenegro’s most well-known sights. The beach is a pink pebble curve that runs north and south on both sides of the isthmus, opposite Sveti Stefan Island. The little islet of Sveti Stefan is a popular hotel resort and tourist destination. It was formerly a 15th-century residential town and then a spectacular holiday getaway for stars like Claudia Schiffer.

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