Walking Holidays in Europe: The Ultimate Travel Guide for Walking Vacations

The people of Europe have long known the secret to experiencing Europe’s gentle hills and peaks. Including the sweeping coastlines, all explored on foot.

In a continent where civilization evolved along well-trod footpaths and Roman roads. Hiking remains the best way to experience local life. You can spend your morning ascending the unforgettable vista overlooking Mont Saint-Michel. You may also laze in the aroma of a flower-flecked field on the Croatian island of Brac.

A walking holiday in Europe will enliven and engage your every sense. So plan that trip, join other hikers, and connect to the beauty and inviting cultures of Europe.

Vacations shouldn’t only be about acquiring an understanding of a faraway place. It can also be about gaining a sense of what can be discovered when you explore the world on an immersive and human level.

The Travel Guide for Walking Vacations in Europe

Have you been looking for a new travel experience? How about going on a walking vacation in Europe? Walking is for everyone. So no matter the level of fitness you’re in, there are walks and routes suitable for you. 

Is it a walk of more than 12 miles a day that you’re interested in? Or do you want a leisurely 5 miles route? The choice is yours!

A walking holiday is great for a lot of reasons. Including the fact that you get the opportunity to explore your destination at a slow pace. It’s a beautiful way of experiencing the scenery and the landscape. 

It’s for that and many other reasons that we write this article. This is to give you an ultimate guide for walking vacations in Europe.

1. Explore Tuscany in Italy

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most appealing destinations. One that offers visitors a staggering breadth of travel experience. Tuscany’s exquisite landscapes seem plucked from a master painting. Indeed, this is where you’ll find some of Italy’s finest collections of renaissance art.

You’ll also get to explore charming medieval villages like San Gimignano. Including the discovery of the rich history and an impeccable art heritage. There’s also the quieter countryside with ancient monasteries and rolling vineyards. As well as the olive groves and medieval walled towns.

Your solo trip to Italy will have you falling in love with Tuscany’s rustic farmhouse cuisine. You can sample the delicious food and wine for which Tuscany is renowned. Then trek to the Chianti wine-growing region for the historic wine cellars.

There’s so much to do on a walking vacation in Tuscany, including hiking the historic Via Francigena. This is an ancient road landscape and pilgrimage trail stretching more than a thousand kilometers. From Canterbury through France, Switzerland, and Italy. It then finishes up in the external city of Rome.

This trip will have you exposed to the sun while walking on the high ‘cretes’. But you can sort that with the right hat and clothing.

2. French Alps

What better way to enjoy your solo travel to Europe than experiencing the crisp air and dramatic view of the Alps on foot. Walking in the French Alps is everything you have ever imagined and more. Especially with the stunning vistas, the fresh alpine air, wonderful meadows, and hospitality.

One of the most famous of the Alps holidays is the Tour du Mont Blanc. This is one of the most popular long-distance walks you’ll ever experience in Europe. During the Mont Blanc hiking tours, you’ll pass through France, Italy, and Switzerland.

With the help of tour de Mont Blanc, you’ll cover a distance of about 170km. With awe-inspiring ascents and descents. You’ll also get a view of snow-covered peaks and wild alpine meadows bursting with wildflowers.

There are also the deep-turquoise lakes that will accompany you on an epic trek. You can also get help from the Tour du Mont Blanc tour companies on this vacation, where every day rewards you with outstanding scenery.

3. The Walk in Haute Provence in France

The walking vacation in Haute Provence starts from Saint-Andre-Les-Alpes and ends in Aix-en-Provence. This trip will take you through La Palud-Sur-Verdon, Riez, Castellane, and four other destinations.

You can walk from the Southern Alps to classic Provence towns for a contrasting week. Much of this exceptional route follows fairly closely the GR4. 

This is a long-distance trail that crosses France from Cote d’Azur to the Atlantic. You can spend the whole day traversing the best sections of the Gorges du Verdon. This is France’s most spectacular gorge, with 1500 feet cliffs towering above the river. 

Beyond Moustiers where the town is built on the edge of a ravine, you’ll experience an abrupt change in the scenery. Across the plateau de valensole, you’ll go through the beautiful fields of lavender.

You can’t leave before visiting the beautiful old market town of Aix en Provence. The town is famous for its flower market, the fountains, and the Cezanne museum. 

4. The Alpine Pass Route in Switzerland

This amazing walk cuts through the highland heart of Switzerland. Walking is not easy. However, you’ll get compensated by incredible views and comfortable accommodations. The walk follows an impressive two-week section of a classic alpine walk. That will have you viewing the best mountain scenery that Switzerland has to offer.

This route will take you over many alpine passes and strolls. You will love the highland of peaks and the park-like valleys with their wooded hillside. There are also farming villages, deep-blue lakes, and picturesque flower-decked chalets. Let’s not forget the incomparable Bernese Oberland region with its impressive peaks.

5. Walking Vacation in Greece

Greece has some of the best hiking trails that will make you want to return to Europe for a rewarding holiday. From spectacular beaches, islands, the rugged peaks to lush canyons. Greece is a rich and varied playground for hikers.

Whether you want to explore the beautiful islands of Crete, Santorini, or Naxons. Or you want to journey into the heart of Greece to discover the ancient wonders in Athens and Meteora. There’s a terrific walking vacation for you. That’s why it’s become one of the ultimate destinations for solo travelers in Europe.

One of the biggest and most versatile islands in Greece is Crete. The island is rich in natural splendor and ample reminders of its ancient and turbulent past. Apart from its elegant Venetian ports, it mixes wild dramatic peaks and spectacular gorges with fishing villages.

Cretan life is a reflection of its natural surroundings. In the foothill villages, life is simple and close to nature. You will also find proud people who are devoted to their customs and traditions. They are also generous in their hospitality. 

6. The Mont Blanc Massif in France

Mont Blanc is so beautiful that it had to be shared between France, Switzerland, and Italy. This is the most beautiful mountain that you’ll get to experience during your solo travel in the Alps.

On this holiday in Europe, you will experience the French, Italian, and Swiss faces of Mont Blanc. The scenery is spectacular with countless alpine peaks. There are also magnificent glaciers that grace the panoramic views of Mont Blanc.

Hiking Mont Blanc without a guide isn’t easy. That’s why you need the help of the best Mont Blanc hiking tours. They will help you achieve this lifetime dream by dissecting the TMB route. They will dissect it into segments that the most active and healthy individuals can hike.

Note that the hikes on this trip are for experienced trekkers. It requires a good basic physical shape because the terrain is hilly.

Final Takeaway

Every day is a new adventure for those on a travel vacation. Europe remains a source of constant interest. For others, it’s a place of peace and relaxation.

Spending a summer in the Alps, for instance, is a view into a constant procession of various cultures. Walking vacations also come with many benefits, even to your health. So we hope that this guide has been of help and will be useful when planning your next vacation.

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