What are the benefits of unlocking hotel doors with phone?

Stopping unwanted guests from continuing to enter the room is a common concern for hotels. This can be especially problematic if your guest has gone out on a limb for you and paid for the room in advance. Unlocking the door with a hotel phone is an inexpensive solution that lets your guests get in and leave without any problems. It also lets you keep an eye on your room, especially if it’s vacant.

The convenience of letting guests in and out with a phone call is one of the reasons why some hotels unlock hotel door with phone. Another benefit is that phones are less expensive than keypads or card locks, thus making it more affordable for hotels to build a system that shares key codes with guests.

In addition, smartphones have many additional features and functions depending on the phone model and manufacturer that can be used by hotel services to interact with their guests. These features include such items as medical alert buttons and thermostat controls.

Why choose the Vikey website?

Vikey systems are designed and manufactured to exacting standards in order to give you years of trouble free service. Another reason hotels choose Vikey is because we’re a privately owned company, so instead of having to go through a third party with their order, hotel clients can directly talk with a rep from the company. Like for e-commerce, customers often feel more secure buying and receiving products to have a good reputation.

When it comes to keyless entry systems, this sense of trust is important when you’re dealing with an unknown company. Purchasing the system and moving it into your hotel without any problems would be the last thing you’d want to happen. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that whoever handles the installation has a good reputation and has been in business long enough to meet your needs.

Benefits of unlocking hotel doors with phone:

  • Less expensive than keypads.
  • Guests can access their room without needing to look for their own room keys.
  • Hosts, housekeepers and maintenance technicians can easily check rooms without unlocking the doors or dealing with keys or card locks.
  • You can keep a watchful eye on your rooms to ensure that they are occupied. If not, you don’t have to call down to the front desk as there wouldn’t be anyone home.
  • Phone systems are easy to use.
  • Users can arm or disarm the system depending on their needs or requirements.
  • Features are easily customizable so that they can meet the requirements of any hotel, office building, school or other facility.

With a company like Vikey, you’ll have access to one of the few keyless entry systems that’s been around for over two decades now and has been making customers happy with their products long before that time period. Vikey is privately owned, so you won’t have to go through a third party to order your system or get it installed in your hotel.

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