What Construction Law Services Do Lawyers in St. Petersburg Offer?

Construction law is a complex legal field that encompasses various areas of the law, such as property transactions and contracts, government regulations, contracts and agreements, construction contract litigation, and general common law. Suppose you face issues with any of these topics in your construction project or have a dispute with your contractor or subcontractor on the job site. In that case, it is smart to seek legal counsel from a St. Petersburg business litigation attorney who specializes in this area of law.

We will now see into the main construction law services offered by business lawyers in St. Petersburg.

  • Drafting of construction contracts

Construction contracts are arguably the most sophisticated and complicated contracts that clients deal with on a regular basis. It is essential that construction lawyers be able to draft complex, detailed, and accurate construction contracts. Of course, even the most sophisticated construction contracts can have unintentional errors. So, make sure you hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney for drafting construction contracts.

  • Breach of contract claims

Contracts are valid legal instruments, and if you have a dispute with your contractor or subcontractor on the construction site, it will help to hire one of the St. Petersburg construction lawyers who specialize in construction contract litigation. Such lawyers would be able to help in proving that your contract with your contractor was correctly written and can help you recover damages should they be required.

  • Disputes with other contractors and subcontractors

Construction law requires that many contracts be incorporated into larger construction packages, and as such, it is possible that disagreements can arise between other contractors and subcontractors. An experienced St. Petersburg construction lawyer will know how to help your company recover damages from a third-party contractor who is not in compliance with the terms of their contract.

  • Lien waivers

If your construction project is large in scale, it is common to have any number of subcontractors involved in the construction process. As such, a contractor will often be required to place a lien on your property for the cost of materials that were used on the job. The only way to clear these lien waivers off your property is to pay them off with money from your own accounts. It’s important that you work with a local business lawyer who will make sure all liens are removed from your property before funds are released from escrow.

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