What is the best tour of Sicily?

The best tour of Sicily depends on what interests you and what your budget allows. However, a few suggested itineraries follow.

If ancient history is your thing, then a great tour would be one that visits Syracuse, Agrigento (the Valley of the Temples), Selinunte, and Palermo. These are some of the most important archaeological sites in all of Italy. Other popular destinations include Mount Etna – Europe’s tallest active volcano – as well as Taormina which offers splendid panoramic views over the Ionian Sea; Noto, with its elegant late-Baroque architecture; Trapani and Marsala for wine lovers; Modica and Ragusa Ibla for those who appreciate Sicilian Baroque structures and churches; plus Cefalù with its twelfth-century Norman cathedral situated on seaside cliffs overlooking a crystal clear blue bay.

One could easily spend two weeks or more touring around Sicily without ever running out of things to see and do! Whether you decide to explore by car rental or join an escorted group tour there are many excellent options available whichever way you go about it. Just make sure you allow enough time to savor the unique flavors, sounds, and sights of this wonderful Mediterranean island! With Sunny Sicily travel with comfort. In Sicily, they offer private tours, business meetings, luxury airport transfers, and corporate events.

Sicily tour with private drivers

When traveling to a new destination, it is important that you have all the necessary information in order to make the most out of your trip. This is especially true when considering touring an area as expansive and diverse as Sicily. By hiring private drivers while on vacation in Sicily, tourists can be assured they are getting the most knowledgeable tour guides possible – something which is especially beneficial for first-time visitors or those not familiar with Italian geography.

There are infinite possibilities for what one can see and do when exploring this Mediterranean island; however, some of the top tourist attractions include Mount Etna (the largest active volcano in Europe), classical Greek ruins such as Syracuse’s Temple of Apollo and Taormina’s amphitheater, Palermo’s impressive architecture including its Arab-Norman cathedral, beautiful beaches like Noto Beach and San Vito Lo Capo along with crystal clear seas ideal for sailing or swimming, excellent wine country featuring vineyards dating back over 2,000 years…and these are just scratching the surface! However varied interests travelers may have there really is something for everyone who visits Sicily – all made even better by having a personal driver available to take care of logistics such as route planning so that day trip visitors can quickly and easily explore as much of this captivating island as possible.

Sicily tour guides with car driver

There are many benefits to hiring a car and driver while touring Sicily. Not only does it provide convenient transportation from one destination to the next, but having an experienced local as your guide can show you hidden treasures off of the beaten path that is intimately acquainted with Sicilian culture and history.

When it comes to touring the beautiful and diverse island of Sicily, few things are as convenient – or as affordable – as hiring a car and driver. By doing so, you not only have transportation between destinations but also an experienced local guide who can show you hidden treasures off of the beaten path that are intimately acquainted with Sicilian culture and history.

There are many advantages to using a car and driver while on vacation in Sicily. Not only does this option provide a reliable shuttle service for getting from point A to point B, but having your own personal tour guide can open up a world of possibilities when exploring all that this fascinating Mediterranean isle has to offer visitors. In addition to know-how pertaining specifically to tourism within Sicily, engaging the services of an expert chauffeur/guide offers:

Cultural insights: A good driver will be able to tell you about customs, traditions, and points of interest related not just to tourist attractions but also to life in rural communities across the island. This inside knowledge provides context for what might otherwise seem like simply another gorgeous view or historical site.

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