What River Cruises You Can Book in Europe

European River Cruises provide an organic experience through cosmopolitan cities, historic towns and breathtaking scenic countryside views. One of the amazing aspects of an international water cruise is that each country offers uniquely different sites, from tranquil, rural landscapes to the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas. On most cruises, you will get to enjoy wine sampling sessions, enjoy the best of the local cuisines as you unwind and embrace freedom from your day-to-day hustles. 

In this article, we will outline how to book river cruises in Europe.

Country to Country Cruises

Almost every country in Europe has cruise services. They have one or more connections to the rivers and major ports. The following are various countries that you can book a cruise with and get to enjoy the best sceneries and cruises during your next vacation. They include; Austrian River Cruises, Belgian River Cruises, Dutch River Cruises, French River Cruises, German River Cruises, Czech Republic River Cruises, Danish Cruises, Portugal River Cruises, and Romanian Hungarian River Cruises, and Swiss River Cruises. 

City to City Cruises

When choosing where to travel in Europe, you can book from a range of fantastic European River Cruise line options. However, this should not be a limiting factor because many of the jewels of Europe are in its rivers. We are here to help you explore some of Europe’s most coveted destinations, hopefully helping to whittle down the hunt. Below are some of the best ports you should explore more and discover what you should expect to do at each port city: Amsterdam River Cruises, Bordeaux River Cruises, Brussels River Cruises, Bucharest River Cruises, Budapest River Cruises, Hamburg River Cruises, Lyon River Cruises, Munich River Cruises, Nice River Cruises, Nuremberg River Cruises, Paris River Cruises, Vienna River Cruises, and Zurich River Cruises. 

Cruises by River

Rivers in Europe were first used for trade routes by ancient empires like the Romans. They are still important for commerce, and they also serve several other purposes today. River cruises are one way the ports are currently being used, and they have become popular as a way for tours to explore various destinations. If you prefer Western or Eastern European cruises, there are many incredible opportunities along Europe’s rivers – visit the cities and villages for history, architecture, wine, and cuisine. Some of the famous river cruises you should check out include; Danube River Cruises, Moselle River Cruises, Douro River Cruises, Elbe River Cruises, Rhine River Cruises, Rhône River Cruises, Main River Cruises, and Seine River Cruises.

Cruises by Line

Each cruise line gets carefully evaluated and continually checked to ensure that they meet our high standards for European River Cruise tours. We ensure each cruise line listed below offers unique features, activities, and amenities to cater to travelers’ needs. All the cruises listed below offer the best amenities for your comfort, and you will have your all-inclusive stay to make for a true vacation. Here, we highlight the most exciting river cruises in Europe, including Viking River Cruises, Scenic River Cruises, and the Uniworld River Cruises. You can get beneficial information about The Montpelier Hunt Race.

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