What’s the best accompaniment for pizza?

Pizza is a great meal. The combination of cheese, sauce and meat makes for an irresistible meal. However, you may wonder what the best accompaniment is for your next slice! While there are many options out there (and some of them can be very good), we’ve narrowed down our list to include just three that we feel will elevate your pizza experience:


You may be thinking, “What? You’re telling me that beer is an accompaniment for pizza?” And you’d be right! The combination of these two food items makes for a perfect pairing.

While beer does add some flavor to your pizza, it’s important to note that the best way to enjoy this delicious treat is in its original form: cold draft beer on tap at any venue where they serve liquor (or if they don’t, find one).

Beer will help wash down the cheese and toppings in your mouth after you’ve eaten your slice—and then when it comes time for dessert (the best part about eating pizza), drink up some ice cream or chocolate sauce with even more ice cream embedded inside it!

Little Debbie treats

Little Debbie treats add flavor and texture to your pizza night. You can buy in bulk, which means you’re saving money on each package. They’re also delicious and easy to eat with your hands (great for dipping). Plus, they make great snacks while watching TV!

And if you want something even more fun than eating them plain, try dunking them into milk or yogurt—they’ll taste even better when dunked in those two things!


Champagne is a great option for pizza, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion. It’s also a popular way to start and end your night out hertube.

Hot sauce

Hot sauce is a great accompaniment for pizza. You can add it to the crust, cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni.

If you want your hot sauce on the side of your pizza, just put some on a plate or bowl and let everyone grab some with their fingers!


Breadsticks are a great match for pizza. They’re great for dipping in your slice of pizza and can be used to scoop up all the toppings you want. If you like going out with the presentation, try using breadsticks as skewers on top of the pizza!


Wings are a great accompaniment to pizza. They make a delicious appetizer, and they’re also easy to make at home!

  • They have a lot of flavor: The sauce in the wings is similar to that in pizza. They have tomato sauce, cheese, and other spices like oregano or basil.
  • They have protein: Wings are usually filled with meat (like chicken or turkey), which high in protein is compared with other types of food.

A nice salad

A nice salad is a great accompaniment to pizza. It can help you eat less pizza because it’s full of vegetables and fiber. A nice salad also provides some healthy fats from nuts and seeds, keeping your brain working well through the evening (and tomorrow). And if you’re having trouble deciding what kind of salad to make? Try one with lots of different kinds of veggies! You’ll be able to choose from all sorts of flavors—from mild greens like spinach or kale to spicy peppers like jalapenos—and get the best balance between crunchy texture and soft consistency that suits your palate.

Pizza Store Locator

Looking for a pizza place that delivers? Check out our Pizza Store Locator. It helps you find a list of all the pizza places near you and their hours, locations and contact information. If you want to order online, we have an extensive list of pizza restaurants that deliver their food right to your door!

Pizza is a great choice for an accompaniment to any meal. It’s hearty, filling and versatile enough that you can add your ingredients and make it your own. The combinations are endless, whether you serve it with beer, champagne or hot sauce! So go ahead: make yourself another slice this weekend!

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