White Water Rafting Tours are a Popular Adventure

A New Zealand River Experience

People who love to be outdoors and going on excursions, trying new things, and those who enjoy water sports, are also flocking to white water rafting tours. During white water rafting tours, people will often spend the night, or a few nights, camping with tents that are carried with them throughout the trip. These tours are becoming a very popular adventure and continue to grow in popularity.

White Water Rafting at Huka Lodge is a popular adventure in New Zealand. This river experience takes place on rafts and is a great way to enjoy the rivers of Taupo. Over a half-day or full day river rafting tour the guide will lead the guests through the rivers and provide transportation and transfers, as well as ensure that all necessary equipment and clothing is available for each person. They are available in either private tours or groups and frequently run during the right season.

Go down river or over the falls and enjoy the day viewing some of the best vies and flora that are present in the area. The land is untouched and undisturbed, allowing wildlife to exist in harmony with their environment, and these experiences are unmatched on other tours. These tours are often booked for bachelor or bachelorette parties and can be a fun way to celebrate a birthday or other event. Bring together family for reunions or getaway for a weekend and challenge yourself with a white water rafting tour.

The guides are extensively trained in safety and have travelled the same rivers many times. They know where the calm waters are and what falls are safe to go over with calm rapids at the bottom where the boats are sure to tip and which are not safe to go over. All safety equipment is provided, including helmets and life jackets, and all equipment and rafts are checked regularly for safety limits and regulations.

What IS White Water?

When a river begins to flow more quickly, water flows down a waterfall, or the water movement becomes rapid, white water is formed. The turbulence in the water creates a white froth-like foam on the top of the waves. This white layer of froth on the top of the water, especially on waves and where water peaks, is where the name for white water was derived.

People consider riding a boat or a kayak through white waters to be the ultimate challenge, and they plan tours to ride the white water rapids. This is often a trip that can take a few days to a week; however, day trips are also available. When riding the rapids, it is a challenge to stay upright in the vessel, and to navigate the boat down the falls and river. The splashing is sure to get all items of clothing wet and offers a mix of excitement and fear, while the accomplishment of succeeding is the main goal of the whole experience.

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