Why Holistapet Products Are Great Choice?

If you’re looking for an all-natural, safe for animal use herb, CBD is a good choice. But many pet owners will hold their horses once they find out that CBD belongs to the same chemical group as THC. These two do have some similarities, so many people still have some bad thoughts about CBD.

THC is known to have no beneficial effect on animals. In fact, it can be dangerous in higher doses. That’s why many pet owners worry about whether it’s safe to give them CBD at all. But it has fewer side effects than THC and is more potent as well. Given that science has proven the safety and effectiveness of cannabidiol for animal use, there is no good reason to worry. You can find detailed guide on the use of cbd oil for dogs by visiting this site.

More on differences between these two cannabinoids see below:

Also, medical experts have taken a position on this topic, stating that there is no threat of CBD overdosing. But some vocal individuals still have questions about the safety of this compound. Luckily, there’s enough evidence that cannabidiol poses no risk to animals.

Natural Origin

Although cannabinoids can be found in many plants, those used in pet products are obtained from hemp. This plant belongs to the same species as the ‘notorious’ marijuana and cannabis. But people have been using it for centuries, from industry to pharmacy. The benefits of hemp are manifold. After it was discovered to be safe for animal use, the pet CBD industry has bloomed.

CBD is a result of the extraction process of hemp wrap flowers, stems, or seeds. The highest quality extracts used in animal products are obtained from hemp buds of specific strains. They contain minimal (or not at all) THC and are rich in cannabidiol. Reputable manufacturers of pet products like Holistapet use organic hemp. It’s grown without chemicals and in ecologically clean areas.

No Mind-Altering Effects

Besides raising questions on CBD safety, some still wonder can this compound make their pets high. Unlike THC, cannabidiol doesn’t have mind-altering effects. It doesn’t change the animal’s state of consciousness, regardless of the dosage. Its mechanism of action differs from THC – it doesn’t react with ECS receptors directly but with endocannabinoids that bind to those receptors.

The debate on CBD safety continues between those who believe that the substance is highly addictive and others who claim it’s not. This hemp derivative increases the animals’ natural pain threshold by binding to brain receptors. But it doesn’t numb them. That’s why CBD won’t cause any psychoactive effects, and animals won’t become addicted to it.

Help with Variety of Conditions

Some studies have shown CBD to be as effective as the much more well-known anti-inflammatory drug, ibuprofen. But unlike pharmaceuticals, this hemp derivative is natural, so it has no harsh side effects. It’s safe as a supplement and an adjunct to treatments for severe diseases like cancer, arthritis, epilepsy, etc.

Cannabidiol acts on anandamide production (more info here). Moving on, that affects dopamine secretion. That way, these actions boost mood, relieve pain and stress, regulate various body functions, improves sleep and appetite, etc.

Non-Addictive Compound

While CBD may not be addictive, there is evidence suggesting that it can have side effects on some animals. But these reactions can vary, as animals, just like humans, have different body compositions and drug tolerance. As a result, the safe use of CBD in animals is primarily determined by whether they can tolerate this hemp derivative.

Certain studies showed that some animals stand CBD very well, while others don’t. For example, most dogs and cats can tolerate this natural remedy and react positively to it. But that’s not set in stone, and some animals might be allergic or more sensitive to cannabidiol. In order to find that out, always start with small doses and watch your pet’s reaction.

No Drug Interaction

By this is meant that cannabidiol doesn’t cause adverse reactions when it acts with pharmaceuticals. These are possible, but they are rare. Also, conventional drugs don’t diminish the CBD’s action. But CBD can enhance the effects of most medications.

If you plan to make cannabidiol a part of your pet’s treatment, always consult a vet. For example, it may interact with certain anti-anxiety drugs to increase their effectiveness. As that’s possible only at a certain amount, your vet will prescribe a specific dosage for the treatment. The dose will also vary depending on the animal’s size, age, and health condition. A small cat may need a lower dosage than a large dog.

Reputable Selling Sources

Animal hemp products are dietary supplements, so they are not as strictly regulated as medications are. If you decide to use them, you should choose reputable providers. That way, you can get a consistent line of high-quality hemp goods. There are many reputable sources available both offline and online.

Buy from retailers like Holistapet that have been in business for several years and have many positive reviews. Look for someone pet owners are happy to recommend. Their products must have proof of origin and third-party lab tests. Ideally, the retailer will also perform independent product testing.

Every responsible owner wants only the best supplements for their pets. Always ask experts for their opinion and find out about different products to ensure a healthy and long life for your pet. CBD is a safe and all-natural remedy that can provide astonishing results, especially if you give it to your furry buddies as prescribed.

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