Why mistakes are useful for sports betting

Every person who bets on sports wagers to win. You need to invest a lot of money in betting, so everyone has a natural desire to make a profit or at least recoup investments. However, even the most experienced player is insured against losses. There is no need to be upset if the bet is unsuccessful. Each lost bet allows you to analyze your mistakes and become a more experienced bettor.

Why losing sports betting is not a mistake

If the bet was unsuccessful, this does not mean that the bettor necessarily made a mistake. Perhaps the person did a good pre-match analysis and made a bet correctly, but he was just unlucky. Before getting upset about a lost bet, it is worth remembering that even professionals can fail.

Regardless of how experienced the bettor is, the big role of luck should always be taken into account. Moreover, those players who ignore the factor of randomness lose much more often.

Clients of bookmakers with experience who have been betting for a long time do not perceive a loss as a negative event. For beginners, profit from several successful bets in a row can turn their heads. They mistakenly think that now they have enough knowledge to make only successful sports betting. The first significant mistake becomes a real blow for them. Some of them give up betting forever, and some unsuccessfully try to recoup.

The main thing is to realize that making the wrong predictions about sporting events is normal. There have never been such people in the history of betting who have never lost.

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What should be the percentage of wrong bets

To understand that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes, just look at the statistics of famous professional bettors. On average, their passability is no more than 55%. This means that 45 out of 100 bets are unsuccessful. This may seem like a bad result to a beginner, but inexperienced player circles it is considered excellent.

You need to think about changing the strategy when more than half of the bet is burned out. However, this is only relevant for professional bettors. Beginners are allowed to make an unlimited number of mistakes. The main thing is to draw certain conclusions after each unsuccessful move. For example, if you place betting in India with parimatch, you can see the history of all bets in your account, which helps you keep your statistics and learn from mistakes.

Losing sports bets help a person to more competently distribute his game deposit. After he thoughtlessly spent a significant share of his bankroll on the wrong bet, the bettor will treat money with greater responsibility.

To make an unsuccessful bet less frustrating, you can use a low-risk strategy. For example, flat. According to this system, the bet amount should be no more than 2% of the total bankroll. If a person has deposited $ 100, in the event of one unsuccessful move, he will lose only $ 1-2. It is also necessary to pay attention to the Kelly method and Buchdahl’s principle.

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Why you can’t win back after betting

It is strictly forbidden to bet on sports to recover lost money. Especially if the entire bankroll has already been spent, and there is a desire to replenish the deposit. When there is a desire to recoup, concentration is lost, a person makes rash bets.

The inability to stop in time is a direct path to gambling addiction, gambling addiction. It is a pathological attraction to sports betting and other gambling. Consequences – alienation from friends and family, nervousness and irritation, panic attacks, unfounded confidence in winning. Erroneous bets do not make the gambling addict stop and stop spending money, but, on the contrary, make him want to win back.

If the bettor took the first loss too emotionally, perhaps he already suffers from gambling addiction. This may be the first stage of gambling addiction called euphoric sum compensation. Then comes the stage of losses, decompensation, and hopelessness. The more advanced the stage of gambling addiction, the more difficult it is to cure the disease.

In most cases, it is impossible to cure gambling addiction on your own. In the early stages, you can help yourself in the following ways:

  • delete accounts in bookmakers;
  • do not replenish in-game deposits with money that is needed for food, utility bills, clothing, and other personal and family expenses;
  • betting should not be considered as a way to earn money;
  • determine the betting limit.

If there are symptoms of gambling addiction, do not hesitate to seek help from family members or a psychotherapist.

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