Why Wi-Fi Access Is a Strong Factor for the Ultimate Hotel Experience

Despite having the pandemic loom over us, traveling is yet to be ceased. Almost a second nature to us, travelers have different expectations when booking a stay at a hotel. Free Wi-Fi access is not just part of the deal chosen for the stay at the hotel but is anticipated to be speedy and flawless, without the usual network congestion. Interestingly, poor Wi-Fi connectivity has also been cited as one of the main reasons for the guests to be dissatisfied with the hotel service.

A New Opportunity for Profit Growth

The pandemic was an eye-opener for communities all over the globe, making one realize the crucial importance of internet connectivity for various domains, both urban and remote. Many hoteliers are seeing this as one of the latest trends in the hotel industry which creates an opportunity for growing their relationship with their loyal clientele Wi-Fi isn’t just for streaming Netflix, it’s a means to stay connected while you enjoy your stay at the hotel. Disruptive Wi-Fi connectivity means immense annoyance and ultimately a bad review for the hotel.

Wi-Fi Is a Necessity of Today

Smart technology isn’t the future; it’s right here, right now with us. With top-tiered hotels embracing smart technology for their brand, Wi-Fi is no longer a need, it has become a necessity. Taking small affordable steps that would effectively meet visitor expectations would make all your investments worth it! Hotel rooms are no longer analog; they have become smart. With everything connected to the internet, from smart thermostats to in-room smart devices that make the experience, pleasurable yet memorable for a long time. We listed some reasons below as to why everybody wants superfast Wi-Fi.

Surveillance Cameras and CCTV Coverage

One of the most worrisome factors about a new hotel is its security. Nobody wants to check into a hotel that makes big claims regarding its high-end safety. Be it indoor or outdoor, security will always remain to be a top-priority factor when checking into a hotel, it is no longer possible without a stable yet swift internet connection. Be it CCTV cameras or nanny cameras, most of this surveillance equipment needs to be placed at strategical positions so that the Wi-Fi signals are not blocked and the cameras are operational at all times for optimal security of the visitors, guests, and staff.

Strong Wi-Fi Connection That’s Available Outdoors

To encourage excellent customer service, connect your guests with the hotel after they have landed at the airport. Most guests instantly want to upload their selfies on Snapchat or Instagram that they can share with their followers. Hence they also want Wi-Fi in the outdoor areas such as the pool or even the connected beach. That’s why to save from utter disappointment with weak to none Wi-Fi connectivity, more and more hoteliers are now offering internet in outdoor spaces while guests soak up the merry sun and post pictures of total bliss on their social media channel.

Strong Wi-Fi Connection That’s Available for Special Occasions

On some rare occasions, your guests might be visiting for a business conference or a personal event such as a wedding, and have secured a room to stay at your hotel. In that case, we recommend that improving the Wi-Fi connection of event spaces such as conference halls or banquets will make your event, even more special. Internet offered by Spectrum customer service is among the top internet service providers that are trusted by hoteliers for their spectacularly fast service, especially for events!

Carrying Personal Wi-Fi Connection

As the hotel industry grasps with new cultural shifts that are brought about due to the pandemic, the trends are changing. Travelers are now bringing their own internet devices as well for hotel connections often have a bad reputation! At the end of the day, hoteliers are aware that its best to cater to the different requests of the customer as much as possible. That’s why more and more hotel brands now add free Wi-Fi connectivity as part of the value deal they offer to their target customer.

All About Engaging Customers and Sustaining Optimal Retention

Though Wi-Fi placement requires strategic design on the hotel’s end, the main focus of the hospitality sector has always been customer-centered. Looking for new ways to engage and sustain customer loyalty towards the brand, hotel brands of today know the importance of positive online reviews and the huge role they play today in the promotion of the hotel and its services.

Final Thoughts

While most hotels have decent internet connectivity which makes the experience, an absolute delight, top internet service providers such as Earthlink internet that provide excellent internet bundles with great Wi-Fi options that come without the occasional hiccup and will make your stay at the hotel one to remember forever!

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