Winter Is the Deadliest Season For Drunk Driving Accidents

Gatherings with loved ones, both near and far, are a staple of the holiday season for many. Office parties, family meals, and get-togethers with friends over food and beverages are common Christmas traditions. Still, since alcoholic beverages are commonplace over winter holidays, more people are likely to get into car accidents while under the influence. Let’s look at why there seems to be an increase in wintertime drunk driving accidents.

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Is there a seasonal component to the rise in drunk driving accidents?

Drunk driving accidents tend to spike in the winter due to a number of variables.

  • Increased traffic is to be expected between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, as many people take road trips or go holiday shopping during this time.
  • Sleet, snow, or black ice can make driving conditions dangerous.
  • Even those with a low tolerance for alcohol may decide to imbibe around the holidays, thinking they’ll be “okay” to drive home.
  • The winter solstice is when the days are at their shortest. Thus, people tend to be out on the roads at night.
  • Since most people leave their holiday parties late at night or early in the morning, it’s possible that some of them will be sleepy or perhaps intoxicated.

Funds Available for Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

You may be able to file a claim for compensation if you are injured by a drunk motorist this winter.

  • Costs associated with fixing your car or getting its replacement value reimbursed
  • Payment for medical care and therapy
  • Spending on medical assistance and companionship over the long term
  • Loss of past, present, and potential future earnings
  • Stress and suffering on a physical level
  • Anguish or shock to the emotions
  • Loss of function, mobility, or psychological and social stigma due to disfigurement, can significantly lower quality of life.
  • Furthermore, if the drunk driver participated in particularly egregious or shocking buxic behavior, you may be entitled to punitive damages in a lawsuit against them.

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