Work of a Freight Forwarder:

A Freight Forwarder is a person who organizes and manages all the systems of importing and exporting different goods from one place to another in a safe and efficient way with full responsibility of any damage or loss or any safety problems about the products.

You need to have a computer with internet accessibility for this process as you not yourself have to go for any of these works but will manage all these things by sitting at home or at your office. You have to organize all the transport means whichever you are going to choose; whether its railway, airline or by road or sea. You also need to be aware of the type and requirement about the products.

Sometimes a person starts all this work himself and mostly he has been working with a company, and every company has their own rules and regulations. Some transfer all types of products and some work for the specific ones. Some are on an international level and some are national.

Responsibilities of a Freight Forwarder:

There are a number of things being managed by a Freight Forwarder. Some of the most common responsibilities of a Freight Forwarder include;

  1. Planning the route system for the transport of goods, which one would be most helpful for the specific type of goods, which will take less time, on which route the things will get safely and which would be the low costing. You need to search well on all these things before transferring the goods.
  2. Then there is also a lot to decide and manage packing of the materials according to the condition of the weather, weight of the materials, which type of products are to be packed and their warehousing etc. you have to keep all these things in mind while doing the packing.
  3. Then all about the documentation process. About the insurance, packing, compliance etc.
  4. Your services should be solid.making the shippers satisfied by it. No matter what means of transport you are using whether it’s by air or sea or rail or even by road you need to ensure the costing, nature, efficiency, and safety of the products.
  5. Then you also need to tell them about different Information technology solutions and data interchange connections.
  6. Then all the managing of payments whether it’s about the payment of a Freight or client, or collection of any payment from someone etc.
  7. Using different other systems like e-commerce, internet or satellite systems.
  8. Sometimes you need to deliver things urgently to the client because of his order and extra payment so you need to arrange the airline systems for transferring of goods in time and with maintaining the quality of the product with responsibility.
  9. You need to make a special arrangement for the delicate kind of products like medicines, food supply etc.
  10. Maintaining communication with the clients as well as the workers whom you are managing.
  11. Also be well aware about the management of the current situation that what’s going on around and whether in any way it can affect the work or transport or cost of the things.
  12. Sometimes you also need to manage the staff and their activities.

Salary of a Freight Forwarder;

There is not a specific salary for a Freight Forwarder as it varies according to your region and experience. Salary most often starts from $16000 and with progress it can even reach above $30,000.

You also get some of the additional benefits with it such as Bonus, car from the company and pension after retirement.

Working Hours;

They also vary in different regions and different companies. But most specifically you should have to work at least 35 hours per week.

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