5 Latest Trends in Custom Medals and Trophies

Competitors are given different types of trophies in events and competitions. This trophy is part of their inspiration. They and others became interested in winning it. Their interest is enhanced by the various customized designs of the trophy.

A customized trophy is a reflection of your artist’s mind. It is perfected by the trophy maker company. You will find different types of customized trophies in the market. 5 customized trophies that are trending will be discussed. These will change your mind about customized trophies.

5 Latest Trends: Custom Medals and Trophies

Customized trophies can be the focus of everyone’s interest. It motivates competitors to work harder. There will be an only trophy in their meditation knowledge. The following 5 trending trophies are discussed in Metal Awards Factory‘s experience who make custom medals and awards:

Colourful Fun Medals and Trophies

Now-a-days colourful medals and trophies are like a trend. People love to use it. Now people make customize colourful medals for events. Those are very nice to look at. But you have to be careful about the design and colour combination. You have to choose the best manufacturer too. Medalschina is the manufacturer who makes customize medals.

Large Illuminated

Twitch Interactive designed a custom trophy for its Streamer Bowl that was expensive. It was awarded to 30 Fortnite trios with a total of 30 NFL professionals, 30 Twitch Streamers, and 30 community champions with a total value of over $ 1,000,000. This is a multi-column trophy with the Twitch logo. It was pure purple, the colour of the Twitch brand. And the whole is covered by machine-controlled aluminium. It is 17 inches long and can reflect light.

Lifelike Bust Sculptures

The statue of Martin Cooper, the “father of cell phones” was created as a trophy with Bennett Awards Bell Labs. Ginny Cooper invented the first handheld cellular mobile phone in 1973. In honor of Cooper, Bell Labs created a custom sculpture of Cooper’s bust where he had his artistic appearance. It is made of bone and uses an ombre patina finish. It is of medium size and has a marble base.

Modern Artistic Trophies

Bennett Awards, one of the most prestigious corporate awards in the world, is a corporate recognition award for Ford Motor Credit Company. It recognizes dealers across the United States and Canada for outstanding achievements. About 100 of the 4,500 dealers are selected each year for this corporate award. It is a sculptural and artistic design. It is made of traditional bronze design. It is a very modern and timeless design. And a blue finish has been used. Its surface has an aluminium and blue anodized finish.

Unique Form Factors

Levi Strauss is an American clothing company that manufactures world-renowned jeans like Levi’s. The fact of the matter is that you will get a riveted pin in Levi’s denim jeans. This pin is made of die-cast zinc which is engraved with black fill. Specific prizes include gold, copper, or brass plating. The front of the box is made of oak and the front part indicates the name and year of the prize. Padding is provided in each box to hold the pin. The box lid is made of aluminium and is coated with gold, copper, or brass depending on the prize.


The price of a customized trophy is usually higher but it means a lot. You have to know the way to save your money. It reflects the motto of your company or organization. They will be happy to give the trophy to the contestants and will work harder. The latter will prove to be profitable for your company. So, try giving away customized trophies at corporate or any event.

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