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Marketing is often thought of as channel-driven, with a presence in different social media channels taking on a big role and the importance of content relevant to the customer being given little attention, Says CEO of Top SEO Service agency. I use the image below to support marketing planning and to map the initial situation of a client company. Does the company have content in addition to product information to reach a new customerarouse interest, provide comparative information or competitive advantages to support the decision, or experiences shared by other customers to support the recommendation?

Every company is different, so content marketing practices can be very different: Company X needs a lot of content and answers to frequently asked questions from customers, while Company B may need to build customer paths through target groups or content themes. Channels don’t matter yet, but the most important thing is to find the right kind of messages and content from the customer’s perspective.

Content planning and prioritization is influenced by the company’s business and strategy goals as well as the company’s services and products. At this stage, it is a good idea to look at the average time taken by the target group to make a purchase decision and the customers’ experiences of the different stages of the purchase. How do sales and purchases end up? Does the business sell directly online or do you need to contact sales or a customer service representative to make a purchase?

Once the customer’s journey has been modelled through information needs, a content plan can be implemented. If a company has extensive access to content on a website, content marketing can get started quickly. Often, existing content can be edited and recycled for publication. Starting content marketing from scratch requires planning and time to create content in the first place.

Content is never disposable. In the initial phase, it is good to identify, for example, annual recurring trends. Content can be created in different forms on the same topic and there is no need to reinvent ideas / topics. The most important thing is to create an understanding of the customer’s way of working and a plan as a basis for content production, so that marketing communications become an integral whole.

Content there, content here

Content can mean text, images, videos, blogs, expert articles, trend reports, guides, podcasts, tutorial videos, etc. You should look at each type of content through its purpose. Why is it being done and what does it want to achieve? Are we able to create repetitive concepts or produce different content around selected content themes?

So, the most important thing is not the content format chosen, but the fact that the content meets the information needs of the customers and is part of the whole defined in the content strategy, not a separate measure. 

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