Facing criminal charges in Rochester? Do NOT represent yourself!

No matter the criminal charge you are facing, you shouldn’t compromise on one aspect – Your defense. Like many others in the same situation, you may find yourself in a position where you believe that you are on the right side and can self-represent your case. This is called pro se legal representation, but this is not the smartest thing to do. Hiring a Rochester criminal defense attorney is necessary and important. Here’s why you need to lawyer up. 

Why do people opt for pro se legal representation?

One of the prime reasons why many individuals facing charges opt for pro se legal representation is money. Looking from afar, it may seem that hiring an attorney only adds to your expenses, especially when you are probably dealing with financial distress. However, it is important to understand that Pro se litigation has its consequences. If you know nothing about criminal law, you may not know about many legal aspects and strategies that could benefit you. It is also a common misconception that a criminal case won’t take time, and therefore, it is easy to manage things. Unfortunately, numerous cases go on for months, and without an attorney, you could be out of ideas. 

How can a criminal defense attorney help?

The sooner you consult a criminal defense attorney, the better. Keep in mind that your lawyers are extremely capable professionals and have probably handled hundreds of cases so far. Once they are in the loop, they would do what it takes to keep you out of court and jail. They can also come up with strategies that can help minimize bail charges, and more importantly, they will investigate the case and gather evidence. 

Working with an attorney

If you are looking for local criminal defense attorneys in Rochester, the internet is your best friend. You can find valuable information on websites like Nolo and Justia. There are also Google listings for help.

Don’t hire an attorney or law firm because they are cheaper. Instead, focus on their area of expertise and ask questions about their experience. Not all lawyers have extensive courtroom experience, which could matter for your case. It’s also important to note that a clean background matters — visit to do background checks on the lawyer you’re planning to hire. As for the costs, it depends on the facts of the case, but you can expect to get an estimate in advance. Most lawyers take up criminal defense matters at an hourly rate. 

Be honest with your criminal defense attorney if you really want them to help you. 

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