How Does Make-a-wish Foundation Works?

Several organizations are working in different parts of the world to help humanity. Due to some critical diseases, some kids cannot become what they want. Organizations like Worldwish work to make those kids happy. They create such an environment in which the kids enjoy what goes out of their reach and imagination.

These organizations take the record of the kid who is facing some serious disease. Then they provide the resources through which the child can enjoy their dream temporarily. Make-a-wish international is a foundation which is based in the USA. The foundation helps kids throughout the world to achieve their goals.

The impact of Make-A-Wish international has made this foundation strong enough to have offices in different parts of the world. They work to bring positivity to the minds of children who are fighting with illness.

Working Process

The working process of this foundation is further classified for organized working. This process is explained here.


The minimum age for a child to be eligible for this support is 2.5 years, and the maximum limit is 18 years. Other than this age limit, if the kid is already receiving a wish from another organization, he is not eligible by make-a-wish foundation then.


The kid who wants his wish to be completed will be referred first. The medical officer treating him, his parents, or any other family member who is well aware of the severity of the kid’s disease can refer him. A potential wish kid can also do this job.

How to Refer a Kid

To refer the kid, the referring person has to fill an online referral form or contact the closest chapter of make-a-wish foundation. The kid’s medical condition will be confidential unless it is necessary for the wish. This secret information will be revealed with the consent of the child’s parents or guardians.

After this procedure, make-a-wish staff will get InTouch with the kid’s family or the medical officer who is treating the kid. The staff will also cooperate with the medical team treating the kid. They will make sure that the kid is eligible for receiving the wish on a medical basis.

Governing Team

Make-a-wish foundation works with a proper governing team who scrutinizes the referrals. After a complete investigation, the child receives the wish he had.

Final Thoughts

This is the process by which make-a-wish foundation works to fulfill the dream of many children. Their main aim is to bring positivity to the minds of children. Those children get a new approach towards life who lost their hope of life due to their disease.

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