How to reduce the number of addicts in the country?

The Country is facing a crisis. The crisis is based around and caused by the scourge of addiction. The number of addicts in the country has seen a considerable rise. This rise is projected to continue unless decisive action is not taken to counteract it today. The country already has more than 20 million people who have taken drugs at some point in their life with a large majority that is actively involved in frequent substance abuse. Of these 20 million people many people are addicted to more than one substance. If the rising number of addicts is not curbed our country will be forced to face a disaster.

A high number of addicts brings a lot of problems with them. A high rate of addicts causes an equally high rate of crime. Addiction can lead a person to abandon any inhibitions that they might have had before. This leads them to undertake action from which they would have balked before. Moreover, drug abuse is a costly habit and therefore addicts are very likely to take part in crimes that can pay for their addiction. Even in the cases the addicts are not actively looking to cause harm to their fellow man they can still end up hurting those around them. Cases of domestic violence where the perpetrator was high on drugs are becoming increasingly common around the country. This tragic event often ends up in the family of the addict suffering mental and physical trauma and even deaths have occurred. Another example can be how addicts end up causing car accidents when they drive while high on drugs. All the damage done by addiction can be avoided if we take action to reduce the growth of addicts in the country.

The first step should be to reduce the number of addicts in the country by guiding them to take up rehab. We need to understand the signs around us that can clue us to the presence of an addict. Addict causes very drastic changes in the personality of the person. These can often appear to be unprecedented but are glaring signs of addiction. These can include changes in opinion or ideas, getting easily agitated or paranoid, getting overprotective of personal boundaries even with extremely close family members, getting hesitant when talking about their activities outside of work, home, or school, etc. By picking up on these signs we can then persuade the addict to attend a rehab center so that they can leave their addiction behind. Rehab centers focus on helping the addict in such a way that they have minimum chances of relapse and return to society as productive members. If you or a loved one requires rehab look for your nearest rehab center online i.e., detox brooklyn so that we can combat the scourge of addiction.

The next most important thing to do is to change the way drugs are being portrayed in the media. In modern movies, drugs are often shown used by the main antagonist or protagonist. Both these characters are those which most people are inspired by, and these can cause a subconscious shift towards drug abuse in young less mature minds.

Drugs have also become a common form of finance for criminal groups in the country and so they have ramped up the production and sale of these drugs. If the number of addicts increases these groups get more money which can then become the cause of grief for people. So, our government must take strong action to counter the spread of drugs.

If we make the correct decisions, then the problem of drug addiction can be controlled so that our society can prosper.

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