How to start your white water rafting adventure?

There are new impressions to discover every year for extreme sports enthusiasts. The most popular disciplines include mountain biking, bungee jumping, canyoneering, mountaineering and jeep safari. Those who enjoy extreme adventures choose either the land or the air irrespective of water.

For those who prefer to take on the strong current of rivers, there is rafting, a sport based on extreme rafting. How to start your white water rafting adventure? What to take on rafting? We explain!

What is white water rafting?

There is nothing more extreme than white water rafting on a river or stream. Compared to classical rafting, it is characterized by many obstacles and dumpers – the current of the river itself plays a significant role; the most dangerous sections of the routes involve waves and strong currents.

Another important difference is the number of participants – while kayaking is possible alone, a trip on a much larger pontoon dedicated to rafting requires teamwork.

How to start your rafting adventure?

Beginners who want to feel the thrill in safe conditions should sign up for a white water rafting trip with an instructor lifeguard who will take control of the situation in case of danger.

You can go on such a trip with the whole family – it is important, however, to use the services of experienced rafters or raftsmen, and not private individuals.

Most local companies organize rafting dedicated to individual tourists who, by definition, do not have the entire group willing to go rafting – so single people can easily join hitherto unknown tourists looking for similar experiences.

People who want to become acquainted with rafting at an advanced level should, first of all, improve their swimming skills and improve their overall physical fitness. Importantly, apart from the ability to swim, it is also important to keep a cool head during a rollover.

It happens that even the best swimmers, after a sudden fall into the water, “lose” their ability to swim – so before embarking on the route without an instructor, you should practice swimming in open water reservoirs to get used to the “wild” element.

What to take on white water rafting?

There is a special vest designed specifically for rafting, which does not restrict movement and has a similar displacement as traditional life vests, necessary to ensure safety in the case of a rollover. To protect your head from potential hazards on the path, you should also wear a helmet. These accessories can either be rented or purchased from the rafting tour organizer.

Beginners do not need to buy special footwear – it is enough for them to wear shoes that fit tightly to the foot; it’s best to choose a model that reaches above the ankle. People who decide on more difficult rafting trips should get shoes and socks made of neoprene – before going on a trip on colder days, it is best to get a suit made entirely of this material.

The Best Rafting River Destinations In The World

The equipment is ready, the condition is normal – it’s time to choose the right rafting trip for the first time.

Where should beginners go rafting in the world? Here are some destination picked by our editorial team:

Rafting in Montenegro

Rafting on the Tara river in Montenegro is a very popular destination in the world. Enjoying white waters of the deepest canyon in Europe could be exciting.

For 20 years, we have been putting smiles on faces here at Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka. We guarantee you won’t find anything as thrilling and breathtaking as our whitewater rafting adventures. Among the rafting tours we offer, we have beginner’s trips as well as trips for extreme rafters.

Rafting in Bystrzyca Dusznicka

More experienced people who want to feel the atmosphere of rafting down a real mountain river can choose the route with the difficulty of level III, which runs along the Bystrzyca Dusznica bed. Numerous rocks and rock steps pose a challenge to those who want to try rafting in more extreme conditions, and at the same time – admire the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Rafting at Koprulu Canyon in Turkey

If you are going on vacation to the Turkish Riviera, you can break the blissful routine at any time by replacing the deckchair with a pontoon. All you need to do is sign up for an optional rafting trip – the most popular Turkish rafting trip is located in the mountain Koprulu Canyon, surrounded by numerous hills and greenery. Both experienced athletes and beginners can decide on the trip – most of the kayaking trips are attended by an instructor, also qualified in rescue. The route itself is not the most difficult, and the views of nature are amazing.

Rafting in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic will provide an experience for more experienced rafting enthusiasts. Rafting trips starting in Dzika Orlica, Morawa or Jizera are much more extreme than Montenegrin rafting trips, attracting new lovers of unforgettable adventures every year.

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