Reasons to Use Polarized Sunglasses

Before we get into the reason why, let’s give a quick background on Polarized Lens Technology. You may not be familiar with it, but chances are, you’ve seen it. It’s a standard lens coating method for sunglasses. The coating is supposed to scatter light so that it’s safe for your eyes. All normal sunglasses use a “normal” coating.

Here are six advantages of using polarized sunglasses, and some reasons why you may want to look into them.

1. Protect Your Eyes

Polarized lenses are coated with a clear material that bounces the light around, keeping it from entering your eyes directly. This will save you from retina damage and other vision complications. This also helps reduce UV exposure by blocking up to 98% of harmful UV rays. Hence, these sunglasses protect your eyes. You can easily get your prescription sunglasses online.

2. Incorporate Greater Contrast

Contrast can be an important factor to consider when buying sunglasses. Typically, polarized lenses will have a higher “maximum” contrast of light on the frame and light in the lens than a “normal” lens. With increased contrast, you can see more clearly at night. You can be more aware of your surroundings while driving at night. This will also make the optical frame look brighter when paired with brighter clothes and makeup.

3. Fit in Your Outfit

Polarized lenses may be difficult to fit into a regular pair of sunglasses. When it comes to style, you’ll probably want sunglasses that compliment your skin tone, skin type, hair color, and eye color. Polarized lenses will reflect more light than normal lenses, giving them a more streamlined, modern look. This will make your sunglasses look both fashionable and functional.

4. Enhance Your Eyesight

Just like regular sunglasses, polarized lenses block ultraviolet and blue light. If you wear prescription glasses, make sure that they work well with your polarized sunglasses. If they don’t, you may want to consider wearing a backup pair of glasses to protect your eyes and make sure that they don’t become distorted.

5. Ensure Safe Usage

If you are at risk for eye damage, the standard lenses you purchase for your sunglasses may not be enough. Polarized lenses are only effective when you wear them properly. When you wear your sunglasses on your face, they should be worn on your bridge of your nose and held in place by the corners of your mouth.

6. Filter Out Blue Light

There’s a lot of blue light reaching us from our laptops, tablets, phones, and television sets, which has been known to cause eye strain and eye strain. Polarized sunglasses block up to 99.9% of blue light. This should help reduce eye strain and help you get some much-needed rest.


Polarized sunglasses can be a great addition to your daily outfit. You don’t have to worry about damaging your eyes, if they’re properly worn. With all the benefits of these sunglasses, you can enjoy them without fear of damaging your eyes. If you’re a bit apprehensive about purchasing polarized sunglasses, try out an optical shop like Designer Optics. They can help you find the right frame style for your face shape and eyes.

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