The most powerful love spell with coffee – 3 top recipes

People knew about coffee beans’ magical properties long before coffee made its way to Ethiopia and Europe and then spread out globally. The first to discover the ability of coffee to arouse love were African sorcerers. Their strongest love spells reached Arabian sorcerers and they, in their turn, shared those recipes with their European colleagues. The latter modified the spells making them more effective and simple at the same so today these spells can be used almost by anyone. I, spellcaster Maxim, want to tell you about 3 coffee recipes which I’m hoping will be helpful to many of my readers.

The most powerful love spell – Recipe 1

It’s a strong love spell cast with green unroasted coffee beans. According to this old recipe, you should go to a coffee tree and pick some coffee cherries (beans). You should dry these at home to later use them in your ritual. Since most people don’t have access to coffee plants, I suggest doing as follows. Go to a store where you know you can buy some unroasted coffee beans. Walk there rather than drive. The store should be located quite far from where you live, so you have to walk for not less than 5 hours. Pour some beans into a paper bag yourself. Tie the bag with a red thread. Put the bag underneath your shirt and walk home. The bag should touch your skin. When you choose a day to walk to that store and perform your ritual, remember about the following restrictions: – Women shouldn’t be on their period on the day they have to walk to the store; – Men should abstain from sex for one week prior to walking to the store; – Men and women shouldn’t shower for three days prior to walking to the store; – The day you walk to the store should be the first Tuesday of the new lunar cycle; – You should leave the house after the sunrise and come back before the unset. This is the most difficult part of the ritual. Now hide the bag in your clothes and every morning take out 3 coffee beans. Throw one under your bed, put the second one in your pocket, and put the third one into the pocket of the target without him/her knowing. Repeat daily for 7 days in a row.

Strongest love spells – Recipe 2

Many people consider it to be the most powerful love spell magic has to offer and it requires highly caffeinated unroasted coffee beans. To begin with, put a lock of your hair onto a clean copper frying pan. The hair should be cut off of your right side of the head if you want to have a casual fling and the left side of the head if you want a serious relationship which can possibly turn into a marriage. Roast the hair until it’s dry and breaks like dry pine needles. Add three handfuls of coffee beans and stir with a magic knife (for information about where to buy magic items see my website). Roast the beans until ready to be used to make some coffee.

While the coffee beans are warm, put them into a manual coffee grinder and grind them. Put seven similar cups with saucers on a shelf in the cupboard with non-clear cabinets. Put three lumps of sugar and a teaspoon next to each cup. Put your photo under each saucer (7 in total). Use different photos which were taken not later than 6 months before the ritual. Put two teaspoons of ground coffee into each of the cups. Put the spoons back.

Put another photo on the cup (face down). The photo should be the same as the one under the cup. Then invite your loved one over and pour some hot water into one of the cups (leave the photos on the shelf). Serve the coffee to the target. Repeat 7 times. The target will fall in love with you. Note: If the target wants a refill, use the old cup without rinsing it. Use the leftover ground coffee that you prepared for your strong love spell.

A strong love spell – Recipe 3

To perform this ritual, soak some unroasted coffee beans in water. You need special water though. To prepare it, put three photos of yourself into a glass jar. The photos should face inwards. Now fill the jar with water and add some coffee beans. The number of coffee beans should correspond to your age plus the age of your loved one plus fourteen. Do it on the fifth day of the new moon. Cover the jar with your old and unwashed T-shirt folded four times. Leave it to stand for three days. The coffee beans should soften for you to be able to pierce them through with a needle. I, spellcaster Maxim, suggest than you use a magic needle purchased at a specialized esoteric store.

Before you stick the needle into a coffee bean, thread it using a thick and strong white thread. If the thread breaks, the love spell will be broken and your loved one will start distancing himself/herself from you. Make a coffee bean necklace. The beans should be set tight as it makes the spell stronger. To activate this most powerful love spell, bury the necklace close to the target’s house in a place from where you can see the target’s front door.

Now leave. Go home and don’t talk to anyone for three days, even via texts. Don’t read books and don’t watch TV. If you do as instructed, your love spell will work. Many of the strongest love spells can be found on my website. I’d like to remind you that if you don’t want to cast spells by yourself, feel free to contact me, spellcaster Maxim, and I’ll show you what professional magic is capable of. Check more

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