The Ultimate Guide to Garage Refrigerators

Due to increasing food storage, many people are opting for a second refrigerator. Unfortunately, there may be not enough space in the kitchen for it. And so, you have to find another place. The basement or garage is the best alternative.

However, the problem is the variable temperature range. Usually, the garage or basement is not insulated, which means your appliance should be able to handle extreme temperatures. If you are looking for a garage ready refrigerator, visit this website. Apart from the buying guide, you can find a few of the best models available.

In this guide, we will talk about what to look for in a garage refrigerator. And then we will also answer frequently asked questions about garage fridges.

Things to Consider While Buying a Garage Ready Refrigerator

While buying a fridge for your garage, you should know what to look for. A fridge usually lives for decades. Hence, it is important to buy the right one.

Here, we have gathered a list of things that directly or indirectly impact the performance of your garage fridge.

Temperature Range

When it comes to buying a garage fridge, the most important thing is the operating temperature. You shouldn’t buy a fridge without checking its temperature range. Usually, it is mentioned on the specification sheet or user manual.

Now you need to compare the operating temperature with the temperature in your area. It gives you an idea of whether the machine will work in your garage or not.

For instance, you live at a location where the temperature falls below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Most fridges will not work in this temperature range. Hence, you need to find a garage ready refrigerator that works in extreme conditions. General Electric (GE) is one of the brands that work in chilly weather.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where summers are extremely hot, your fridge should be able to handle the heat. Buying the wrong model will result in poor performance. And you will also be spending a lot of money on repairs.


Never ignore the capacity while buying a refrigerator. Even if you don’t plan to store a lot of things in the second fridge, consider your future requirements. Do you have a large family? Do you invite a lot of people to your house? Ask these questions to make the right decision.

If you are buying a fridge to get chilled drinks in the garage, you can go with a mini or small fridge. However, if you want to store groceries, you may need a larger model.

Shelves and Compartments

Do you need a freezer section or want to have a fridge-only appliance? Moreover, if you want to store groceries, you can’t go with a freezer-only appliance.

In addition, you need to look for shelves and bins. Are they large enough to hold items? Once again, you should consider your requirements. What are you planning to store?

A fridge with adjustable shelves is usually the best option. It allows you to adjust shelves as per your needs. Moreover, you need to examine the storage space in the door. There must be enough space for storing cans. Usually, the door shelves also support one or two liters bottles.

Energy Efficiency

Buying a new fridge will result in higher bills. Depending on the size or efficiency of your fridge, you may or may not get huge bills. Thankfully, most of the garage refrigerators come with an Energy Star rating. Ultimately, you save a lot on electricity bills.

While deciding on a garage ready refrigerator, you should not compromise on energy efficiency. Otherwise, you will be paying higher bills for many years.


Obviously, the price of a fridge matters a lot. Before you go out for purchase, you should set a budget for the appliance. However, you should never trade quality with cost.

At the same time, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy a quality garage ready refrigerator at an affordable price. You have to do some research and compare various models. Check the quality of the compressor and other factors mentioned above. Then, compare the costs of fridges and you will be able to buy the right one.

Certifications and Warranty

Machines can malfunction at any time. So you need to consider this factor while making a purchase. Most of the reputable fridges come with a brand warranty and lifetime support.

Moreover, each model comes with certain certifications. It gives you an idea about the quality of the product. Additionally, it tells you whether you can use the appliance in your state or not.

Additional Features

These are features that do not impact the performance. However, they make the machine user-friendly.

For instance, some fridges come with hands-free openings. Using a pedal, you can open the fridge while holding your items. In addition, LED lighting allows you to use the fridge in the dark. And if you are planning to move your fridge frequently, you should get one with casters.

FAQ About Garage Refrigerators

What is the Difference Between Standard and Garage Ready Refrigerators?

The major difference between both appliances is the operating temperature. A standard fridge works perfectly when the temperature is anywhere between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. However, garage ready fridges can handle extreme temperatures.

Do You Need an Outdoor Refrigerator for the Garage?

No, outdoor fridges are different from garage fridges. They are costly as compared to garage fridges.

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What is a Garage Kit for a Fridge?

A garage kit tricks your fridge and makes it operate during winters. However, it doesn’t help in hot temperatures. And it doesn’t protect against normal wear and tear either.

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