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The Ultimate Travel Essentials Checklist

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Have it ever occurred to you – in the middle of a journey, you remember you forgot something very important?

I need not ask how that feeling was; but, sure it wasn’t a pleasant one.

When it comes to traveling; for any purpose, there are certain most important things you mustn’t forget to take along. 

For example, an entrepreneur going for a business trip must check and encure that all the physical data/documents needed to carry out his business operations – while in the new location – are carefully arranged in his traveling box; if he doesn’t want to return as a failure.

However, this article is centered on essential requirements to take along with you only if you’re traveling for vacations, celebrations, adventure or relaxation purposes. 

Below, therefore, is the ultimate travel checklist – while traveling for celebration, adventure, or relaxation purposes.

1. Safety kits

Home is one of the best places to be, you have everything organized in a place and you know the exact place to take each item when needed. For example, in case of a minor home accident, you know where to go to pick up the first aid asap, but traveling isn’t the same. 

A lot of people usually forget to go with some essential safety kits in case there is an urgent need or sudden injury. Maybe you’ve packed your luggage and you’re still debating on the importance of safety kits in your journey, below are a few bullet points for you:

  • Pain Relievers: Study shows that 10 percent of human fatigue comes from sitting on a long-distance journey. Also, the stress of driving for a long period of time can cause, body pain and joint pain; especially when it’s not something you’re used to. Little wonder while travel experts recommend transporting your vehicle ahead of any journey. 

Howbeit taking a small packet of painkillers like Paracetamol or Ibuprofen will actually help in treating any minor body pain.

  • Antiseptic wipes: In case of a sudden cut, antiseptic will be a great help for instant treatment and prevention of further infection. 
  • Plasters: If you’re the type that travels with children, they play a lot and can easily get injured. Plasters, therefore, will also prevent infections in case of any cut.
  • Mosquito repellant: If going camping is part of your holiday plan, it is important to take mosquito repellant, especially in the evening when mosquitoes get less friendly and more hungry. xD.
  • Hand sanitizer: The last thing you’ll want, is to adopt a contagious disease during your holiday period. Most especially if you’re traveling for the purpose of adventure or exploration, you must not forget to go with a sanitizer, it’s one of the simple ways to prevent or disinfect your hand from easily contagious diseases.

2. Books and magazines

Don’t forget to take some important books you’ve been planning to lay your hands on, as there will be enough time for you to read them. And if reading isn’t your thing, you still have to go with some books in case you meet the unexpected, you won’t feel totally bored. 

However, you can download some Ebooks to your phone – to save space.

Here are some best books to read while going on vacation:

  • A secret in the summer by Nancy Thayer
  • Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
  • The hidden life of trees by Peter Wohlleben
  • The magic mountain by Thomas Mann
  • City of Friends by Joanna Trollope

3. Adventure wears and cosmetics

One of the most important requirements to take along with you during travel (solely for adventure or exploration) is your adventure wears. This could mean, that little colorful hat, a roll-boot, hoodies, bugg trousers, etc. 

Also, since you’ll be doing a little exploration and visitation, it’s important you take the necessary cosmetics, and if you’re a make-up freak, this includes you taking your make-up bag.

Just as Vehicle Transport Services provides reliable logistics, timely delivery, and cheap car shipping options, you’ll find a lot of reliable and affordable moving services that can help you ship your bag and baggage containing your adventure wears and cosmetics beforehand – to make sure you’re not forgetting anything.

4. Camera

The best way to keep memories of your journey, exploration, and adventure is by having a camera with you. You’ll be able to take pictures of families, friends, things you’ve never seen before, the way the environment is, or anything that picks your interest. 

Going with a camera and taking pictures of different things will give you the ability to look back on your trip, and remember the most wonderous details, both big and small. 

5. Weather Materials:

Don’t forget the weather can either affect your trip positively or negatively and is one of the things many people don’t consider before setting to go for their journey. 

The temperature is always cold during the winter months but still depends on where you’re going. A weather forecast can help your packing strategy, while the failure to check the weather can make you have a soggy trip.

However, the winter season requires something warm to brave the chilly temperature.

Here is a list of must-have items to put in your suitcase.

  • Head warmer
  •  Winter cloth
  • Scarves, hat, and gloves
  • Sweaters and tick tops

By Line:

Traveling for exploration, adventure or celebration is more than just visiting a tourist highlight or going to the beach with spouse and family; if proper preparation is not made and you forget to take the essentials, you might end up regretting your trip.  


Daniel Moayanda is a Digital Marketing Expert/Consultant, & Founder of the NNON Movement. He’s also a Guest Contributor to InfoSecurity Magazine, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Dzone, SAP, etc.

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