Types Of Rugs Patterns That Would Suit A Bohemian Household

You’ll need to incorporate some unconventional furniture to make your home feel more like a bohemian haven. Rustic crates make great hallway tabletops. Hessian rugs are a great way to complement your furniture with unique patterns. Living “bohemian” also means bringing nature inside your home. The color green reminds us of fresh, earthy surroundings, so you can easily add indoor plants with a tropical vibe.

The colors you choose will depend on the overall design you’re going for, but neutral tones, like white, are an excellent choice for a Boho-styled home. This style is not for hoarders and allows you to show off your items without feeling overly conspicuous. Of course, you’ll still need to curate your display of personal items. The more eclectic your home looks, the more personal your decor should be.

The decor of a bohemian home is often eclectic, with a sprinkling of handmade elements. You can incorporate patchwork quilts, handmade rugs, and knitted throws into the mix. One way to create a unique, bohemian home is to incorporate items from your travels. Using a collection of different pieces of artwork from various countries can help you create a unique conversation piece with guests. Synthetic rugs NZ are better suited for this prospect.

Types Of Rugs Patterns That Would Suit A Bohemian Styled Home

While decorating a home in this style, you may want to break from conventional norms of rug placement. Rug sizes and shapes are less important than shapes and forms, and patterns are often not as important as placement. Art prints, tribal motifs, rich colors, and movable poufs are all great options. For more ideas, read on:

Art Prints

For a simple, carefree look, opt for a bohemian-style decor. Bohemians display the treasured finds from their travels, vintage family heirlooms, and thrift store finds. Art pieces are another way to highlight the travels of the family. While a contemporary, sleek space can also fit in perfectly with bohemian decor, a more relaxed approach to the design is encouraged.

Tribal Motifs

When decorating your home in a bohemian style, it is important to incorporate bold patterns. Bold patterns like animal fur or hide add a bohemian vibe to your space. Even a neutral color scheme can be elevated with a woven basket or storage box. Another way to incorporate tribal patterns is to use cowhide rugs. You can also match your rugs to your bedsheets by using the same motifs. You can use bedsheets of different sizes as well as rugs of the same motif.

Rich Colors

The rich colors in bohemian rugs are a great way to bring excitement and texture into a room. Bohemian style is synonymous with the funky and carefree aesthetic of the 70s. It continues to inspire modern interior design and fashion, and bohemian rugs are a popular element of this look. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect rug for your space.

Movable Poufs

You can use movable poufs in a bohemian-styled home in several ways. First, they provide support for your feet while you sit. Second, they change the topography of a room. Third, poufs are a comfortable alternative to hard, expensive furniture that can damage floors. They are soft and portable. And, unlike other pieces of furniture, they are safe for floors.

Deep Tones

Bohemian-style carpets are usually bright and bold colors, but you can also use other hues. While many traditional bohemian-style rugs are in white, you can experiment with different colors, including rich jewel tones. You can pair a rug with the same color as the rug’s detailing for an even more vibrant look.

Jewel Tones

Choose a rug with rich jewel tones when selecting rugs for a bohemian-styled home. These hues work well in any room, as they are a great way to add instant color, pattern, and texture to any space. These colors can tie in with other colors in your home or a feature wall. If you’d like to bring the bohemian theme to your living room, consider purchasing a Moroccan-inspired rug to add extra color and texture to your space.


If you want to spice up your living room or bedroom, try installing some Bohemian-style carpeting. Bohemian-style decor tends to be eclectic, mixing patterns and textures in a fresh and free way. For example, you can add Persian area rugs and tapestries and even hang some of the exotic textiles you love. A bohemian-style carpet can also add visual space and balance out richer color schemes.

Other Elements That Can Go With Your Boho Home Decor

Floor Pillows

A contemporary bohemian-styled home will often have floor pillows throughout. These add color and texture to the room and are an excellent way to break up a monochromatic color scheme. Bohemian-styled homes can incorporate modern elements into their design, such as dark wood furnishings. The rustic style remains, however, and modern furniture and lighter color palettes will help to give the room an updated feel. But remember to use proper pillow sizes.


Layer patterns are the easiest way to inject a bohemian look into any room. Layering similar patterns in different areas creates a visually interesting yet comfortable atmosphere. This style is a perfect match for hanging plants and piles of pillows. It also encourages socialization and relaxation. For added visual interest, place plant stands and poufs throughout the room.

The Bottom Line

When decorating with bohemian-style rugs, remember that they may not match the rest of the decor. Nevertheless, it would help to consider the room’s shape when selecting your bohemian rugs. This will ensure visual balance and help pull the room together. Choose larger area rugs to define a space or smaller statement rugs to add beautiful accents. Remember that it is important to buy a rug pad to keep your bohemian carpets in place.

When choosing rugs for a boho-styled home, choose those made from high-quality materials with an appealing pattern. You can also choose ones with bold diamond patterns. Boho area rugs are made from 100% wool, so they are a great choice for high-traffic areas. You can match them with wicker or rattan furniture or white or off-white couch upholstery. Boho area rugs are also durable and are low-pile.

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