First Time Guide to Visit Australia from India

Known for its happening beaches, friendly people, and beautiful landscapes, Australia is undoubtedly one of the international destinations worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. Although the country is predominantly known for its sandy stretches, there’s much more to explore. Every city in this country offers a unique experience that is worth trying.

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It is one reason why Australia is often touted among the top travel gateways for globetrotters. If you’ve decided to travel to this magnificent country in the coming months, we have something exciting and super helpful for you. To save you hours of travel preparation time, we have prepared an epic guide that lists all things you should be mindful of while preparing for the travel. So let’s head straight to the tips shared below.

1. Choose the Right Places to Explore in Australia

Australia not only boasts of enormous land moviesverse size but also boasts of a diverse range of experiences it offers. Whether you want to chill out in one of the countryside cities or hit straight to indulging in unforgettable adventure activities, there’s a place specifically for every purpose. Since the range of experiences Australia offers is hugely diverse, you should first determine where your interests lie and then prepare for the itinerary. It will ensure every minute is wisely spent in Australia.

2. Apply for the Tourist Visa on Time

Your desire to visit Australia can come to a halt if you fail to obtain tourist visa approval from the concerned authorities in time. Unfortunately, Indians cannot get a visa on arrival in Australia, so it is mandatory to apply for an Australia tourist visa from India before the departure date and get it approved. You can apply for the visa by visiting the website and filling out the required form. Alternatively, you can also visit the government website of Australia and download the ETA application online. Make sure the provided details are correct for faster visa approval.

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3. Select the Right Time/Season for Traveling

Although Australia can be visited throughout the year, the best time is often considered the summer season. Schedule your Australia visit between December to January if you want to attend fun events, witness fireworks, etc. But if you want to experience the magnificence of this country on a whole different level, try visiting the country during Christmas and New Year celebrations. The only downside of visiting during this period is the peak prices alltimesmagazine charged by hotels.

4. Stick to Cheaper Commute Means

Before you head on your vacation, give some time to understand the local route where you plan to travel and see what travel options are available. Taking a cab to reach every tourist destination will not be wise since cabs are pretty expensive in Australia. Check if buses, metros, etc., are available, as traveling on these will save much of your commute expenses. You can also look for travel passes that offer your transportation costs for major tourist destinations at a significantly lower cost.

5. Look for Affordable Yet Comfortable Accommodation on Airbnb

Accommodation costs can easily make up a significant portion of the expense of any international trip. So if you can manage to cut down this expense, you’ll eventually be left with more money to spend elsewhere on the trip. The best way to look for ideal accommodation is by setting a budget and deciding on what amenities you cannot do without during your travel. Use these parameters as filters on sites like Airbnb and get several suitable accommodation options. Following this step will ensure you get various budget-friendly options without compromising comfort levels.

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6. Prepare a List of Things to Do in Australia

Vacation time travels faster than light, so you got to ensure every moment is well-planned and spent. Luckily Australia offers a host of different things to travelers, from kayaking to wildlife excursions, trekking to white water rafting, and a lot more. Kayaking expeditions, organized group tours, snorkeling, parasailing, wildlife excursions, beach BBQ, and swimming with dolphins are just a few things you can try during your visit. If you don’t want to waste time guessing what to do next after arriving in the country, make sure you prepare a list of activities you would want to indulge in before proceeding for your trip.

7. Apply for an International Travel Insurance

It is not mandatory for Indian tourists to get travel insurance to enter Australia, but having one certainly helps. Travel insurance can help tourists flying abroad safeguard against financial losses arising from baggage theft, change in travel dates, missed flights, losing a passport, encountering medical emergencies in a foreign land, and a lot of other events covered in the policy documents. You can enjoy your travel worry-free when you’re covered under international travel insurance without stressing about other things.

8. Book Flight Tickets in Advance

If you want to reduce costs on your round trip flight tickets, you should book tickets at least three months in advance from the desired travel date. It is a well-known fact that the cost of flight tickets tends to increase as the travel date nears. Hence many seasoned travelers tend to book flight tickets months in advance before the actual travel date. You can also look for coupons or offers available on certain bank cards to bring the flight costs further down.

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9. Search for Coupons/Value Deals on Activities, Food, & Stay Experience

With the rise in online travel booking facilities, the number of sites offering coupons and discount codes is also increasing. You just have to take out time to locate relevant coupons and save on flights, accommodations, activities, and more. You can also get coupons or vouchers to enjoy discounted meals at plush restaurants in Australia. If not coupons, you can also search for discounted value deals that bring down the travel expenses. The more coupons and deals you utilize, the more you will save money on your entire trip.

10. Book Group Tours/Guided Tours

Want to explore parts of Australia like a local? If you answered yes, try letting a local show you around. With the boom in tourism, the country witnessed a growing number of organized tours in different parts of the country. These well-organized tours cover prominent tourist places, so you have nothing to worry about. It enriches the travel experience of a tourist and ensures people don’t miss out on things that are pretty popular and deserve their time and attention.

Make the Most from Your Australia Trip

Every trip can become special if proper planning is done prior the travel. Not everyone is a seasoned traveler, and we get it. Hence to save peoples’ time and resources, we have listed above all the things that must be considered while planning and preparing for a trip to Australia. These points will act as the guiding star, ensuring you don’t get lost in the process.

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