How to Buy Slipcovers That Protect Your Sectional Couch the Best

Sectional couches are all the rage with people who love to take care of the way their home looks. With their contemporary looks, they can change the appearance of your living room considerably; however, the downside is that they are invariably quite expensive. For this reason, slipcovers are your best bet for protecting your valuable sofas and couches and refreshing their looks in keeping with the latest trends in home décor. Some handy tips for covering your sectional sofas:

Fabric, Style, Texture, and Color

Since it is hardly possible to refurbish the upholstery or replace the furniture every few months when they get dirty and tired, slipcovers represent the ideal solution for rejuvenating them.

The kind of fabric you choose for the slipcovers will depend not only on your preference but also on the environment. Traditionally fabrics like cotton, linen, velvet, and silks have been used, but, nowadays, the choice has expanded to synthetic fabrics like polyester and Spandex, to mention a few. Of course, if you are willing to loosen your purse strings a bit, faux leather or even genuine leather can be awesome options. Each of these materials has its texture and feel, so go with the one you are comfortable with against your skin.

Of course, there’s no end to the color and patterns you can select. For u shaped sectional couch covers that see high traffic, it is better to choose a fabric with dark colors or patterns; however, if it is exposed to sunshine daily, you should go with a light color to avoid fading due to UV radiation. The good thing about slipcovers is that they are economical, and you may get a few sets to suit the seasons and your moods and keep your living space fresh and interesting.

Ensure Practicality 

No doubt slipcovers play an important decorative role, but you need to be practical as well. It is better to avoid delicate fabrics that cannot withstand much traffic and are difficult to clean at home. The ideal sofa slipcovers should be adequately robust and easy to remove and wash at home. It is invariably better to use cold water to wash fabrics, according to the DIY Network. However, you must follow the washing instructions on the label. Remember, if you need to give the covers for professional cleaning, it will add significantly to your cost and be an extra inconvenience. If you have kids or pets in the house, make sure you buy a high-quality synthetic material that can stand up to spills and stains better. For a little extra, you can get special treatments that will make them stain and water-resistant.


When you buy covers for your sectional sofas, you must make sure that the material is not only attractive, pleasant to the touch but also durable. Often by spending a little more, you can get covers that will perform better and last for a significantly longer time representing better value for money. Go the best quality you can afford, but make sure you like it, and it goes with your home décor.

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