Picking Straw Hats for Summers: Is it a Good Choice?

The fashion of straw hats goes way back to the old Hollywood classics, and it is relevant in today’s modern time as well. Hence, we can say that straw hats are timeless and fashionable at the same time. So, is it worth having in your wardrobe? The answer is only if you are a style enthusiast, and being comfortable as well as classy at the same time is your ultimate catch. Usually, made with tightly weaved natural straw or materials similar to them, straw hats have a brim to protect the sun, giving them their unique identity.

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Is it for men or women?

The best thing about American straw hats is their classy designs and the fact that women and men can wear them on a hot summer day. It is great in providing protection from the sun and adding value to an individual’s overall physical appearance. That’s why people used to wear these hats in different parts of the West and Europe, and Asia. The main catch about these hats is the how the maker uses the lightweight material to make them. There are very small holes in these hats to provide cooling and ventilation in hot weather.

Beat the heat in style

On a regular beach day or while traveling in summers, straw hats appear to be very efficient. While exploring a new place, wearing comfortable clothes and having a camera around your neck with the straw hat completes your travel look. These hats are light, cool and they protect you from the harsh sunlight. However, make sure that the hat you are wearing is weaved tightly and doesn’t have many gaps or will be of no use. Usually, the hats are weaved most tightly and cost a bit higher as they require more hard work. So, pick your hat wisely and enjoy the happening days of summer in style.

Types of straw hats

There are majorly two types of straw hats, but these two types come in a large variety. So, styling them with a cool and comfortable outfit is always a good choice. Let’s move further and know about it briefly-

  • Boater-style straw hats: These hats have great conventional relevance and are still a part of the uniform in several boys’ schools in the UK, South Africa, and Australia. Generally worn by men, the boater style has risen to fame in the women’s fashion world. These hats are timeless in fashion but speaking of sun protection, and they are not very efficient.
  • Panama style- These hats are extremely comfortable and are the best pick for vacations and traveling. Men from classic old films are seen wearing them with linen or silk suit. However, in today’s time, people wear them quite casually as they provide a classic look, great style, and protection from the sun at the same time. Panama hats are weaved with light-colored toquilla straw, and women prefer to wear them at the poolside and beaches.

Along with these hats, the fedora hats are also very popular, but it is often confused with Panama due to similar style. These hats have a pinched front with a low crown and a wider brim, making them a favorite of fashion enthusiasts. Along with that, it is also efficient in blocking the sun.Read more  mangadex

Being the coolest dad

Be it a beach day with old friends or a family barbeque around the pool, carrying a cool look becomes quite simple with straw hats. Summers call for reunion and family gatherings, and as a host, you might have a lot on the plate. In such a case, a perfect straw hat will save you from the harsh sun rays while giving you a breezy look. A decent hat will let your head breathe and resist the sun rays as well so that you can have a good time with your loved ones. You can simply go for Panama or fedora hats for any casual occasion in the summers. Wearing one of the most stylish American straw hats will surely make you stand out from the crowd. visit the site beetv

The dress hats

Like in old classic films where a detective used to wear a hat with formal suits, these dress hats have a similar relevance. If by any chance you happen to visit a vintage-themed party, wearing these hats with formals or smart casual will be the right thing to do. It is best to avoid wearing these hats with sportswear, shorts, or any other kind of casual wear. These hats are appropriate for evening meet-ups, and we suggest you to pick hats which are a lot lighter in weight rather than fancy and heavy ones. Brim hats for women can be a great choice.

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